Charity Marketing

When looking into Charity marketing, especially if you’re one of many local charities, it can be difficult to get started as there are many more opportunities than you’d first think.


How is your Charity’s digital marketing strategy looking?


You’re not alone. We’ve helped Charities with their overall non-profit marketing, Charity SEO and we can also guide you through getting and managing special marketing grants. One giving you $10,000 per month in free ad placements. That’s a huge amount of marketing for any charity.

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How Would Simplicity SEO’s Charity Marketing help your Charity?


From increased awareness, higher sales or more attendees at events, there are countless ways that marketing will help your core mission.


Unlike other sectors when it comes to marketing, we can only help with Charities with a valid charity registration number (fully registered as a UK charity). It doesn’t matter if you are a local charity, or a multinational one, we can help.


At Simplicity SEO We Align Your Campaign With Your Core Values


The first thing we do with non-profit marketing as an SEO agency is complete a charity marketing strategy. This is a key element as it discovers organic and paid keyword opportunities. Social media opportunities as well as eligibility for any grants and starting the application procedure are also included.


Our approach to digital marketing for charities is completely up to yo. If you want to outsource and have a hands-free approach, we can handle everything and update you through meetings and reports. Equally, if you’d like us a consultant to guide you through setting up and running campaigns.

Charity Marketing Strategy

Because we want charities to succeed at the same time as showing you our abilities, we are offering a free comprehensive report. This will look into your charity, what you should be focussing on for SEO and any grants you’re eligible for.


This is not your standard report as we spend hours researching for each one. We do this as we don’t employ pushy sales tactics. So, get us to fully research your website and see what we come up with – you’ll be surprised.


Simply fill out the form below and we’ll get your charity marketing strategy report completed. For free.


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