We’re an SEO agency


This means as an SEO agency, we help your business get higher in the search engine results for terms your clients would search for.

We’re happy to help with your business whatever stage it’s at, whether it be start-up or established – but here are the sectors we specialise in:

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At Simplicity SEO we take Swansea SEO services (and SEO Wales) in 2018 very seriously. Google is constantly updating it’s algorithms (as you can see on Moz by clicking here ) to ensure users get the best possible results – and with security updates such as needing SSL on pages with forms, It’s important to choose an SEO agency that keeps up to date with the current climate in Swansea SEO, Wales SEO and nationwide.

The most important thing to know when it comes to hiring us to do Swansea SEO (or any agency) is there’s no guarantee of top position, and you should stay away from companies that say “we will get you to the top of Google in 2 weeks” (they either don’t know what they are doing or they are using ‘black hat’ tactics that will cause your website to be penalised sooner or later)

We spend an insane amount of time testing and communicating with other SEO’s to ensure the way we perform SEO and SEM provides results that stand the test of time. The last thing you want is to invest in an SEO Package for rankings to go down the toilet with nothing to show for it.


How long will SEO take?

A lot of our clients don’t like our answer to this question until they hear the explanation. There is no knowing how long, it depends on your keywords, competition, your existing site authority, your backlink profile and so many other factors. After we have completed your keyword research we can provide an estimate for time to rank. The most important thing we focus on is your ROI, and we are always tracking conversions and traffic and presenting everything in a crystal clear and open report (no fluff or hiding anything here – our results will speak for themselves!)


SEO and SEM?


When searching for Swansea SEO services you may have heard the terms SEO and SEM, and they can work side by side for an effective online marketing campaign. let’s put you in the loop and explain what these are.



Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising your website for search engines. This includes things like on page keyword optimisation, meta tags and descriptions, content planning and siloing to more technical things like ensuring an SSL certificate is available and site speed is as quick as possible (you can check your site speed with Googles PageSpeed insights tool here — )

Search engine optimisation also includes off site sections such as

  • guest posting (outreaching to relevant blogs and writing content for them to add exposure for your site)
  • link building (adding links to your site in relevant websites)
  • conversion optimisation (making sure your visitors convert to your business goal)


Above you can see a few points of what Swansea SEO and Wales SEO encompasses and each of the points are an in depth process, for example keyword optimisation should be the first thing done, and keyword research can take many hours to effectively search and report the ideal keywords to target for your campaign.



Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is when you use paid channels to push traffic to your website. The most notable PPC (Pay per click) options are Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising and Bing Ads as well as several smaller networks.


There is a lot of crossover in Both Swansea SEO and Swansea SEM, this is because we’ll still need to optimise your landing pages and complete extensive keyword research.


Think of SEM as buying bottled water (traffic) and SEO as building a tap.


Which Swansea SEO package is best for your business?


With our Swansea and wales SEO packages, you’ll get a full report of your ranking increases and what we’ve been doing (as well as a monthly strategy call with a specialised consultant).

If you’re a small business targeting your local area (such as a plumber in Newport) you’ll want to start out with the Swansea Local SEO package; however; If you’re a larger business or you need to target in a larger area for example targeting Wales and UK wide keywords – then you’ll want to pick another package.



SEO is an investment into your business. Your website is an asset, SEO is upgrading that asset.


If you’ve any questions, want a chat or are simply confused on what’s the best option for you – get in touch.