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The Rise of Inbound Marketing Post GDPR – GDPR For Dummies

Inbound and outbound marketing post GDPR- GDPR for dummies

When it comes to GDPR – we’re all dummies. GDPR for dummies books, seminars and even businesses are popping up completely focussed on it.

Since May 25th  our inboxes are a bit lighter and on the consumer side we’re all a bit more confident about our personal data, but how does this really affect our business marketing?

Let’s face it,

GDPR rollout has been a s**t show

American websites have been blocking all EU traffic (see here which ones) and UK companies (unless you’ve attended a workshop) largely don’t know the extent and what their obligations are.

$8 billion lawsuits started on GDPR day

GDPR for Dummies and Outbound Marketing

Outbound marketing is changing. I could have link-baited you by saying it’s dead, but it isn’t. (and I don’t like to mislead)

If you’re outsourcing outbound (or even doing it in-house), you’ve got to be so careful now not to be potentially slapped with a 20 million Euro fine. (that would end most SME’s)

When the first few fines get handed out I believe a lot of business owners that didn’t take it seriously in the past will rush to seminars or buy books like GDPR for dummies.

The effect GDPR is having on national and local outbound marketing is huge.

  • How do you get your marketing list?
  • Is it GDPR compliant?
  • Did everyone on your list request YOU to contact them?
  • How are you storing their data?

The list could go on, but you get the idea. You (generally) need their consent.

I believe GDPR has blurred the lines between outbound and inbound marketing.

This outlook is great for the end user and, if you look at it differently, it is a great opportunity for your business.

Get ultra targetted to your ideal client, rather than a shotgun approach.

I’ve spoken to lots of companies that are reducing overall outbound spend and putting it into inbound. This means that this is a perfect time to start your SEO Strategy.

With inbound marketing, they are contacting you so it makes GDPR a LOT easier. You still need to be aware of how you store any information and contact them in the future.

How do you think GDPR will change inbound marketing over the next year?


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