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2018 Marketing Resources For Charities – here’s over £90k of free advertising for this year [charity marketing grants]

Marketing resources for charities

Marketing for charities is very different than companies, you know that investing in marketing is essential but it can be harder to justify the spend. Looking for marketing resources for charities for this year?


Here is £91,919.60 of grant marketing resources for charities you can take advantage of in 2018 that will make a huge difference to any charity, big or small.

What’s the catch?


Large companies like Google like to support charities and non-profits, and this is how they do it. As long as you’re a registered charity in England or Wales you can take advantage of this huge boost to any marketing budget.

Although you can apply and manage these grants yourself for free, I would recommend you get an SEO agency to manage your account to ensure you’re getting in front of the right people, and as many of them as possible.


Here are the charity marketing grants in detail…

Google Ad Grant – $10,000 per month (£7243.30 per month)


If you’re not applying to any other advertising grants other than this one, you’ll still do well. $10,000 a month in pay per click is an enviable budget.

If you’re going to apply for just one of these marketing resources for charities – this is the one.

With PPC (pay per click), you specify where you want to show up, and what terms you want to show up for, then you pay for each person that clicks your link.

The price per click differs according to many factors such as the competition and how relevant your site is to the search term. So Google’s giving you over £7,000 each month to reach people – if you’re a small or medium charity you’ll need several meetings as to what you want to target and how you’re going to handle the increase in exposure.

What’s the eligibility?


To be eligible for the Google grant, you have to:

  1. Hold valid charity status
  2. Be a non-discriminatory charity
  3. Have a live website with substantial content


You can read their full T&C’s and apply for the grant HERE


YouTube non-profit programme


With YouTubes non-profit program you can make your videos more effective with donation cards and direct linking.

Donation cards let you add a donate button to videos, making the process of donating to your charity a lot easier.

Normal videos can’t link outside youtube in the video. If you’re part of Youtubes non-profit program you can add links to external campaigns using link anywhere cards.


Sign up for the non-profit program here


eBay for charity


Make it easy for eBay sellers to support you – a portion of their sales gets taken as a donation, and organised by PayPal gets sent directly to you.


Facebook Grants – £5000


Facebook marketing for charities has an amazing ROI, and this grant has the complete package. The Transform Foundation have teamed up with Farewill to provide designers, developers and performance marketers to deliver a profitable campaign.

There are several steps to apply for this grant, ranging from the initial application form to a telephone interview and paperwork being sent out to review.


The eligibility criteria for this grant is the strictest I’ve mentioned here:

  1. Until they launch their program for smaller charities, they are generally funding charities with an income of between £350k and £30M.
  2. You must be registered with  the Charities Commission, the OSCR or the Charity Commission
  3. They do not fund general software or hardware procurement projects, the development of apps or CRM projects.
  4. You must be able to clearly demonstrate a good return on investment
  5. You’ll need a Facebook presence of over 1000 likes.


The great thing about this grant is that if you deliver a good ROI with the £5000 grant, you can apply for a further £10,000 grant.



Wrap up


If you’re organising a charity’s marketing, there’s no reason not to apply for some of these marketing resources for charities as they will be able to expose your message to a wider audience.


With charity marketing, we provide free advice, so if you’ve any questions message us below and we’ll get right back to you.

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