What Simplicity SEO does:

SEO campaigns

We run search engine optimisation campaigns that help brilliant UK businesses get the visitors they deserve from search engines

Social media campaigns

Helping our clients with social media, we ensure their brand is displayed well across platforms and extend social reach.

Reputation Management

Some businesses reputation doesn't reflect them. We help solve that as an increase in reputation increases turnover across the board.

Free advice for small businesses

Whether it's a coffee, call or skype, we love to chat to other businesses and provide advice for free.

Imagine having a sales meeting, you’ve spent effort getting this meeting – got together previous clients testimonials, all your literature… You go into the meeting, tell them about your business and what you’re offering. You give them your literature, and end the meeting there, without learning about their business or even trying to close them. […]

If you don’t have a solid online marketing strategy for your business yet, don’t worry. You’re not alone. According to Smart Insights, 47% of businesses don’t have a set plan or strategy BUT…. How much business are you losing as a result? Or the question that you want answered… How much more business will you […]